Voice Actors please read all details thoroughly!
We’re looking forward to working with you!


About Us: Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network is a brand new, indie organization, run by four diverse women. We create original and fandom stories through the female gaze. We’ve had great success with our first show (Legacy A Star Wars Audio Drama) and now we’re creating more stories!

Show Details: Tales After Dark are sexy, erotic romance stories, that explore many fun tropes (think Bridgerton Season 1 or your favorite erotica romance novel). The stories are anthology style. Each self contained Tale is told over the course of 1 – 3 episodes. Some stories will have threads that subtly connect them to other original works in our Tales of the Forgotten universe and further explore the fun worlds that our audience enjoys.

Our Storytelling Style: We tell stories in 1st person, in the narrative style of audiobooks, while having a full VA cast, sfx, and music.

If you’ve listened to our audio drama Legacy, then you’re familiar with how we approach sex scenes. For the new person (hi!), it’s just your sexy voice narrating the scene, with a dope ass music track sitting on top of it. That’s it. We do NOT add slurping sounds or bed squeaking. It’s very much like listening to an audiobook of your favorite erotic novel, except we’ve got voice actors to read the dirty dialogue.

The Story – “Please”: Tasha lives in an universe where monsters are real (think Witcher/Supernatural type monsters). She and her team, Evie, Joseph, and Marie, are freelancers, providing protection to those who live on the outskirts of society. Tasha’s son and husband were killed by one of these creatures. Tasha lives her life caught between the devastating loss of the past and a loving future she’s not sure she’s ready to accept offered by her three amazing partners.

Audition Details: We are currently casting for the lead role of Tasha and supporting cast of her husband Nick and son Sam. 

This is for a teaser trailer. We will put out another casting call within a week for additional roles. 

Full Teaser Script for your reading pleasure: Teaser Script

Tasha: Protagonist. Bisexual. She’ll end up in a loving, poly relationship. She’s a hard woman. A fighter and a leader who is using sex and alcohol to try and numb the pain of her loss.

We are looking for a female aged 25 and older. There is a grittiness to Tasha. During the day she’s out in the world killing the monsters that killed her family. At night, in the silence, she’s a broken woman.

SIDE: Tasha Script

Nick: Tasha’s husband. Nick only has a few panicked lines of dialogue needed for a flashback scene.

SIDE: Script

Sam: Tasha’s son. Teenager. Poor kid screams a lot.

SIDE: Script

VA Requirements: Even if this is your first time auditioning, we’d love to hear you.

  • Record in a quiet environment and ensure there is NO ROOM ECHO.
  • Slate at the beginning of your audition <yourname><charactername>.
  • Read lines in ABC-ABC style. Two takes only.
  • BIPOC are always encouraged to apply!
  • Title your MP3 or Wav file <yourname><charactername>
  • Email theteam@talesoftheforgotten.com your auditions with the subject line: <your name> <Please Audition>

Let us know if you would like us to keep your audition on file for other future roles as well.

Deadline: Auditions are open from 9/15 – 9/19

Compensation: This unpaid to start. However, we’re going to monetize the shit out of Tales After Dark, so we will pay our VAs the below rates within 90 days of the 1st full episode dropping. We intend to release episode 1 mid-October. 

Tasha Compensation: $100

Nick Compensation: $25

Sam Compensation: $25

Compensation Follow-Up: You can invoice us, otherwise expect regular updates on payment status. We also have a discord channel with a section just for our VA’s so you can stay in touch with us. Let us know in your audition email if you’d like to join our discord and we’ll send you the link. 

Connect With Us

Tales Network Twitter: https://twitter.com/TalesNetwork

Tales Network Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@talesnetwork

Crystal Storm

Creator of the Tales Network. Writer. Director. VA. Engaged to the utterly amazing, Hannah aka Luckiest Pixel.

Website: https://crystalsimagination.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WriterStreamer

Hannah Cardeilhac

Co-Creator of the Tales Network. Sound Designer. VA. Salty Linguist. AKA LuckiestPixel.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/luckiestpixel

JD Ford

Live event and discord community moderator. VA. Lives on spite. A.K.A. Bandersnatz. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bandersnatz

Eliza Neil

Co-Writer. Handles BTS business tasks. Never shows her face because she’s a super hero and has to protect her identity. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/neil2eliza