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Always Listen To Your Crazy Uncle

Four friends. Four sets of parents. A warning from a crazy Uncle. Paranormal Activity. A machete. Do not go into the dinning room. Damn there goes the caterers. The horror-comedy audio drama you’ve been waiting for.

Written and directed by Crystal Storm. Sound Design by Hannah Cardeilhac. Cover art designed by Alex Paz. Music credit Karl Casey at White Bat Audio

Zoe D. Lee – (She/Her) as
Joy McCormick

Lena Garcia – (She/Her) as MacKennedy Lovelace

Tarrah – (She/They) as
Tianna Reynolds

Tyanni Mah – (She/Her) as Amara Reynolds

Adam Korenman – (He/Him) as Richard Lovelace

Crystal Storm – (She/Her) as Karen Lovelace

Kellie N. Hill – (She/Her) as Kiera Reynolds

Delvin Cox – (He/Him) as Terrell Reynolds

Hannah Cardeilhac – (She/Her) as Janet McCormick

Matthew Dawson – (He/Him) as John McCormick

Joe Moyer – (He/Him) as Uncle Randy