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Tales of the Forgotten an Audio Fiction Network

Tales of the Forgotten is run by four diverse woman who have an ongoing love affair with a good story. We create and produce original and fandom audio dramas, along with tabletop shows. 

Your support allows us to pay our voice actors, hire sound design, and raise the production quality for our slate of shows  scheduled for the rest 2022!

Are you an investor? Are you looking to invest in an IP and women run network? Contact Crystal at to learn more about our investor package. 

Our Goal: $5,000

30 Backers $2,020 Raised


On Tuesday, 10/11 you’ll be able to subscribe to the Tales of the Forgotten Network wherever you get your podcasts. It starts with the Don’t Look Teaser!

On Thursday 10/13 we drop the teaser for our first Tales After Dark show, Please

Watch the video below to meet two of the ladies behind the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network, learn about our shows, and why you should support us! 

Our Audio Dramas are told in the narrative style of audiobooks combined with incredible voice actors, sound effects, and music to give you an immersive audio drama experience. You’ll never wonder what’s happening in a Tales show!

Starting with the widely successful Legacy: A Star Wars Audio Drama, the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network is going to expand into multiple genres with an ambitious slate of shows starting in October, scheduled until the end of the year and beyond!

Don't Look - A Horror Story

Arriving October 2022

It’s watching you sleep. Can an unlikely heroine beat a monster that stalks it’s prey without limitation and can’t be looked at? Don’t Look, it’s watching you.

Listen to a teaser!

Tales After Dark - Erotic Romance

Arriving November 2022

For the adult who loves erotic romance, these will be short contained stories over the course of 1 – 2 episodes. Choose these After Dark adventures for tales of love, angst, enemies to lovers, all those tropes that make for good sex. Told through a female gaze and tastefully done. 

A Fairy Tale For Adults - An Adventure Tale

Arriving December 2022

For the adult who is a child at heart. For anyone who has grown up and forgotten to believe in magic and the power it can still hold over us, this story is for you.

All tabletop shows are heavily edited before they reach podcast networks. You don’t get the out-of-character chatter, the questions, or anything that doesn’t contribute to the story! Plus we intend to add sfx and music! 

All tabletop campaigns will be live streamed on our Youtube Channel, and days later distributed to all major podcast networks. No DnD in this slate of shows, we’re using the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games!

The Lighthouse - A Psychological Thriller

Arriving October 2022

The Last Job - A Horror Story

Arriving October 2022

The Curse - A Dark Adventure

Arriving 2023