Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Voice Actors please read all details thoroughly!
We’re looking forward to working with you!


About Us: Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network is a brand new, indie organization, run by four diverse women. We create original and fandom stories through the female gaze. We’ve had great success with our first show (Legacy A Star Wars Audio Drama) and now we’re creating more stories!

The Story: Don’t Look is a horror audio drama. It is the story of Katie and Noah two friends put in a nightmare scenario fighting a monster that will kill you if you look at it. 

Audition Details: We are currently casting for the lead role of Katie.

We will be producing the first episode very quickly. We’d if you have a semi-flexible schedule as we’d like to try to get in some live voice recording sessions via Zencastr with the other actors. We understand it’s a big ask because of the Holiday’s. 

Dates TBC but we can guarantee we won’t be recording the 23rd – 28th. 

Katie: Protagonist. Bisexual. Mixed race. 

We are looking for a female aged 25 and older.  

Katie is an everyday person. She works from home as a freelance artist for video games. Her best friend (now dead) taught her how to shoot for her own protection. She’s someone who will discover she’s a lot stronger than she thinks she is, when put into an impossible situation.

We are looking for your interpretation of the character! You are encouraged to do light ad-libs if you’re feeling it without changing the message of the lines.

VA Requirements: Even if this is your first time auditioning, we’d love to hear you.

  • Record in a quiet environment and ensure there is NO ROOM ECHO.
  • Slate at the beginning of your audition <yourname><charactername>.
  • Read lines in ABC-ABC style. Two takes only.
  • BIPOC are always encouraged to apply!
  • Title your MP3 or Wav file <yourname><dontlook-audition>
  • Email theteam@talesoftheforgotten.com your auditions with the subject line: <your name> <dont look audition>

Let us know if you would like us to keep your audition on file for other future roles as well.

Deadline: Auditions are open from 12/15 till Midnight CST 12/19

Compensation: $35

Connect With Us

Join us in our discord for advance notice about future casting calls and to hangout with fans of our shows: https://discord.gg/BHwu97sxdY

Tales Network Twitter: https://twitter.com/TalesNetwork

Tales Network Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@talesnetwork

Crystal Storm

Creator of the Tales Network. Writer. Director. VA. Engaged to the utterly amazing, Hannah aka Luckiest Pixel.

Website: https://crystalsimagination.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WriterStreamer

Hannah Cardeilhac

Co-Creator of the Tales Network. Sound Designer. VA. Salty Linguist. AKA LuckiestPixel.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/luckiestpixel

JD Ford

Live event and discord community moderator. VA. Lives on spite. A.K.A. Bandersnatz. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bandersnatz

Eliza Neil

Co-Writer. Handles BTS business tasks. Never shows her face because she’s a super hero and has to protect her identity. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/neil2eliza