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Voice Actors please read all details thoroughly!
We’re looking forward to working with you!


About Us: Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network is a newish indie organization, run by four diverse women. We create original and fandom stories through the female gaze. We’ve had great success with our first show (Legacy A Star Wars Audio Drama) and now we’re creating more stories

Show Summary: A Fairy Tale for Adults is the story of Colin and Nia, two completely ordinary parents, going through a separation. One day, they take their children Allie and Ethan on a family outing and Colin and Nia get teleported to a dimension where magic is real. Put on trial for the crime of wrongful parenting because they don’t teach their kids magic, Colin and Nia must go on a quest in a magical forest to find a unicorn, and the lost pieces of themselves.


Daniel – Daniel aka Code Name Flip, is a cricket and the narrator. While the character in my brain was male, I’m opening up this casting call to anyone, male, female, or NB. It’s easy to change his name.  Daniel is our storyteller so the VA must be engaging, and have great inflection and tone. I want to hear your inner child as you dig into these lines and tell me the story of two people finding magic and love again. 

Ethan – The Crofts 12 year old. A very smart young man who wishes his parents still believed in all the magical things the world has to offer. Mixed race.

Thalion – 12 year old Elf from the land of Meiketh. Happy kid. Could be male/female/NB

Calanon – Elder Elf and Thalion’s parent. Could be male/female/NB

Charlie – A Malak. Shapeshifters. Police Force of the land of Meiketh. Human looking with a bushy tail like a siberian huskies. Charlie is kind, patient and sympathetic to Colin and Nia’s plight. Male.

Raziel – Archangel. Very serious. So serious. Stern, dramatic, voice. Could be Male/Female/NB

VA Requirements: Even if this is your first time auditioning, we’d love to hear you.

  • Record in a quiet environment and ensure there is NO ROOM ECHO.
  • Slate at the beginning of your audition <yourname><charactername>.
  • Read lines in ABC-ABC style. No more than two takes.
  • BIPOC are always encouraged to apply!
  • Title your MP3 or Wav file <yourname><charactername>
  • Email your auditions with the subject line: <your name> <Fairy Tale Audition>

Deadline: Auditions are open from 2/4 – 2/8 10 PM CST

Studio Session: First studio session in Zencastr with the new cast will be Saturday and/or Sunday 2/11 and 2/12. Exact times will be sent to cast. If auditioning please make sure you have availability either of those days, and a good, stable internet connection.

Compensation: Unpaid to start. Payment remitted 90 days after shows release. The plan is pay our VAs a fair rate once we’ve brought in some advertising revenue from the show.

Compensation Follow-Up: You can invoice us, otherwise expect regular updates on payment status. We also have a discord channel with a section just for our VA’s so you can stay in touch with us. Let us know in your audition email if you’d like to join our discord and we’ll send you the link. 

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Crystal Storm

Creator of the Tales Network. Writer. Director. VA. Engaged to the utterly amazing, Hannah aka Luckiest Pixel.



Hannah Cardeilhac

Co-Creator of the Tales Network. Sound Designer. VA. Salty Linguist. AKA LuckiestPixel.


JD Ford

Live event and discord community moderator. VA. Lives on spite. A.K.A. Bandersnatz. 


Eliza Neil

Co-Writer. Handles BTS business tasks. Never shows her face because she’s a super hero and has to protect her identity.