Yay! Come Hangout With Us!

Whether you’re an introvert, or an extrovert. No matter which of our shows you fell in love with first. ND or NT. LGBTQIA+. We’ve created an inclusive, welcoming community for anybody who has stumbled upon a Tales Audio Drama or Tabletop show and wants to find community. Come be a part of ours!

Social Media is fickle. Mysterious algorithms deciding who sees what. And don’t even get us started on what’s going doing on twitter. Eventually we’ll be real adults and put together an email list. 

But until then, there is discord! Discord is free, and super laid back. Pop in and out as you please, don’t worry the messages will be there. Tell the VAs of your favorite episodes or ttrpg shows how awesome they are. Hangout with show creators and script writers and ask questions. Geek out with fellow community members about the latest episode of one of our shows, or just geek out in general about gaming, fandoms, whatever! 

Our discord channel has rules, is moderated, and provides a safe inclusive space for our members. Don’t be just a listener, come join the group too!