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Tales Mission Statement

Updated June 30th, 2023

On this last day of pride month, with the world stressing a lot of us out, I think its important for the Tales Organization as a business to define our mission statement, values, and make it clear what we as a company and owners support. 


And yes, in a way, this is how we here at Tales can fight back against the hate and a country (USA) showing it’s whole ass right now.

To be clear this is not to spark political debate, but to make clear what we here at Tales stand for, so you know who you’re supporting and you don’t scratch your head when we lend our support to other business or causes.

It goes without saying we fully support the LGBTQIA+ community. Transwomen are women. Transmen are men. Trans rights are humans right. Black lives matter. A woman has the right to full bodily autonomy. AI has a place in our future, but that place will never be to replace human creativity and imagination. We do not condone the use of AI Art, because as it is currently used it is theft. We do not condone the use of AI in any VA capacity. We will never use your voice to train AI and if we ever find out a platform we put our audio dramas on has done so without permission or compensation will remove our shows from that platform idgaf how popular that platform is. AI should be a tool that helps us improve our lives, not fuel capitalist greed.

Our goal here at Tales is to tell amazing, diverse, fun, (sometimes fucked up), stories. We want you to hate our villains, cheer on the heroines, have deep discussions about our flawed characters, and be utterly addicted to our story telling. We are so damn proud of the diversity of our current talent pool, more so than any download number we hit. We want Tales to become financially in the green so we can increase budgets, and add more amazing people to our team. More importantly we hope to build a community. A place where you are safe to be a misfit, a rebel, someone who has beautiful unrealistic expectations and expects the loving best from their community and the world. You have a place here, because nobody has bigger *unrealistic* expectations than, Crystal, we assure you.

If you’re having a bad day, let us cheer you up. If you’re having a good day, tell us about your gratitude. If you just scored a major audition let us be your hype train. If find a cool ass new audio drama from somebody else (or a game, ttrpg or video!) and you want a crew to geek out with you, we are so down.

That is the kind of culture we want to grow and foster here at Tales and we will accept nothing less.

So if we’re not your cup of tea, no hard feelings, you can show yourself out. But if we are your kind of creative weirdos, thanks so much for taking this journey with us and we love y’all to pieces. 


Super quick P.S. This fourth of july weekend, please remember veterans. I personally know veterans that have a very hard time with 4th of July because of fireworks. Before you start setting them off please double check with your community to see who might be negatively effected. I’ve been guilty of having fun with fireworks for many years in the past not knowing or understanding the harmful effect they have on our vets. I’m sharing now so maybe this weekend we can all make somebodies day a little bit better.