Tales Mission Statement

Updated April 29th, 2024

Our goal here at Tales is to tell amazing, fantastical, diverse, fun, (sometimes fucked up), stories. We want you to hate our villains, cheer on the heroines, have deep discussions about our flawed characters, and become addicted to our story telling. 

Over the next 2 – 5 years we intend to grow the Tales Organization so we can increase the number of shows we produce, increase the production budgets for those shows, and add additional team members. What does that look like for us?

  • Shows release twice a week (ideally Tales After Dark on Thursdays and a different genre show on Tuesdays)
  • Ongoing TTRPG Campaigns that stream live weekly. These live streamed shows are turned into play podcasts with OOC chatter removed and SFX added.
  • Books (ebooks, paperbacks, graphic novels, audiobooks) of our original shows
  • Short animated series of select original shows.
  • Turn the work of other writers from either their indie novels or from their script ideas into audio dramas. 
  • Add new team members to handle social media marketing, administrative tasks, & production help. 
  • See our original audio dramas turned into TV Shows and/or Movies

Aside from our ambitious goals, here at Tales we love community. We intend to build and nurture a place where you are safe to be a misfit, a rebel, someone who has beautiful unrealistic expectations, and expects the loving best from their community and the world. If you’re having a bad day, let us cheer you up. If you’re having a good day, tell us about your gratitude. If you just scored a major audition let us be your hype train. If find a cool new audio drama (or a game, ttrpg or video!) and you want a crew to geek out with, we are so down. You are among your people here at Tales. 

We fully support the LGBTQIA+ community. Our co-founders are bisexual women. Transwomen are women. Transmen are men. Transright are humans right. Black lives matter. A woman has the right to full bodily autonomy. AI has a place in our future, but that place will never be to replace human creativity and imagination. In it’s current form generative AI and MLM are theft and have no place in the arts. We do not condone the use of AI Art. We do not condone the use of AI in any VA capacity. We will never use your voice to train AI and if we ever find out a platform we put our audio dramas on has done so without permission or compensation will remove our shows from that platform. AI should be a tool that helps us improve our lives, not fuel capitalist greed.

That is us here at Tales. If we are your kind of creative weirdos, thanks so much for taking this journey with us. We love you to pieces.

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