The Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network

Two women. On the left Crystal Storm, mixed raced. She is smiling with her arm around a white woman, Hannah Cardelihac who is also smiling. This is an engagement photo.
Crystal Storm and fiancée Hannah Cardeilhac the two ladies who run the tales network!

We're having a love affair with good stories

The Tales Network is run by a diverse team of women. All of our shows are written and produced by women, adding a lovely female gaze to intimate scenes and our strong, often times flawed female heroes and anti heroes. 

We’re telling stories in multiple genres, so whether you like horror, fantasy, erotica, or scifi, or (even tabletop shows!) you’ll find something to listen too at Tales!

We work with an equally diverse range of Voice Actors to bring our Tales to life! No matter if you’re brand new or a seasoned pro, we love finding new talent and showcasing the amazing work that VAs bring to the table. 

Our Team

Crystal Storm


Crystal is many things and hates writing bios. Writing is her first love and she’s having a blast penning scripts, turning her novels into audio dramas, and in the near future turning some of the Tales Audio Drama’s into novels. She loves wearing fedoras and is a huge damn geek/nerd. Occasionally friends call her WooWoo (she’s very spiritual), and because she’s a night owl around 2am she’ll yell at you to meditate. She’s mixed race, bisexual, and engaged to the best woman on the planet.

The Tales Network is her brain child. She writes and directs all the Tales Shows to date. She’s also a voice actress, and you can hear Crystal in numerous shows such as Marvel Move.

Crystal is available if you need a Voice Director or Voice Actress for your audio dramas! If you want to learn more about Crystal visit her website

Hannah Cardeilhac


Hannah is a jogger, loves coffee, and more importantly is a salty polyglot. She too, is a huge nerd/geek and when not putting her magical touches on Tales Shows you can find her streaming on twitch, and running her RedBubble and Etsy Stores. 

Hannah has always loved foley work, and she gets to do what she loves as the sound designer for all the Tales Shows. If you need sound design work for your audio dramas, Hannah is available to help out!